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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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couple of days. the financial hit they say is just too costly and the staffing crunch that could result. ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. >> following breaking news in santa rosa. protesters are marching through the city in response to the district attorney's decision not to press charnels in the shooting death -- charges in the shooting death of andy lopez. i am. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> andy lopez was shot and killed by erik gelhaus who mistook the rifle that he was carrying for a real ak-47. ktvu's paul chambers is in santa rosa now where there have been protests this afternoon. paul? >> reporter: i got off the phone with dep ruv -- debora villalon who is marching with them. 50 to 100 people are matching. they left from here an hour ago. the district attorney released this information in which he
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said people were upset about the killing of andy lopez. >> reporter: people gathered to protest the decision made by the district attorney regarding the shooting death of a santa rosa teen. >> while this was a tragedy, it was not a criminal act. >> with that statement a criminal investigation comes to a close. today the district attorney said that 23 year veteran erik gelhaus use of force was reasonable. >> this was lawful self-defense on the part of the deputy. >> he was a kid. he was shot because he was a kid carrying a toy gun. where kids play. that is an injustice. >> this is like killing him again. >> police say the 13-year-old was carrying this bb gun that looked similar to a ak-47. when he shot and killed him, the gun comes with a orange tip
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that was removed. >> the actions were lawful and no criminal charges will be filed against him at this time. >> she a guns expert that could have known. he should have known that that was a toy. >> reporter: that is the thought this man had. he witnessed the shooting. he told ktvu channel 2 news he disagrees with the decision and hes he was wrong. >> i -- he said he was wrong. >> i said he killed him. i reacted right away. >> reporter: deputies are prepared for anything to happen tonight. they put up barricades around the sheriff's office when i talked to debora villalon she said deputies are on every step of the way. more tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the family of andy lopez released a statement saying
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this leaves the family feeling as though he had been killed again today and they are asking the community to police remain peaceful. the district attorney released documents presented to the guarantee of their -- grand jury of their investigation of the shooting. ktvu's cristina rendon is here with what she found. >> we went through this 90 page plus document and it is revealing new details about had shooting death of american legion -- the shooting death of andy lopez. they looked into his marijuana use and what effects weed might have had on his behavior. the doctor concluded he last smoked marijuana 75 minutes prior to his death and was likely feeling the effects at the time of his encounter with sheriff's deputies. they hired simulation experts to create an analysis of the shooting. this shows three bullets were
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found in a neighbor's home. 7-8 shots fired hit andy that day. another picture. this from a witness' cell phone that shows deputies were behind the doors of their cars when he fired and erik gelhaus yelled at andy to put down his gun twice but he turned towards them raising the barrel of the gun according it the district attorney. and the replica gun did not have an orange tip and an investigators perched the -- perched the same gun that came with a warning level that acknowledged confusion could come with altering the gun. there is more to this report. if you would like to read it we posted it on and click on hot topics. cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> our coverage continues on we posted that i know report for -- that grand jury report for you. all waiting waiting for you under hot topics on there evacuation orders have been lifted as crews are making progress on a wildfire off the south east shore of lake berryessa. the fire is burning in difficult access terrain. it burned 6500 acres and right now is only 35% contained. cal fire said crews aren't seeing the same fast pace compared to july 4. three injuries have been reported, including one firefighter. firefighters are nearing containment on another fire. it started tuesday and has burned two homes and 4300 acres. four people were injured. cal fire says containment is 90% with cull containment
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expect -- with full containment expected tomorrow. and has a special section on california wildfires, including information on what you can do to protect your home. look for that under hot topics. a theft of a man's belt led to the arrest of three people. it began with a woman admiring a man's belt this morning. police say she took the belt and jumped in the car with two men. when the man tried to get it back they took off and dragged the victim at speeds at 30 miles per hour. the victim let go when one of the suspects punched him. they tracked them and arrested two young adult men and one female. they also recovered the belt. san francisco police are investigating three deadly shootings since midnight. one man was gunned down before 10:00 a.m. police say he was in his 20s. two others were killed. one in a shooting in the bay
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view and another in sunnyville. a man arrested for trying to lure girls into pornography at the alameda county fair. he was arrested during an under cover sting yesterday and was booked on suspicion of pandering. a 16-year-old girl told us he gave her a card with the words big pimp in pink and a phone number. he has a criminal record that includes drug and shift -- theft charges. john burriss says he is part of the legal team representing a southern california grandmother beaten by chp officer. we have cell phone video from interstate 10 in los angeles. it shows the chp officer hitting her. officials say the video does not show the whole story. he has been involved in other
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high profile cases. including charges of obstructing justice. new information about a 4 4th of july incident at a san francisco department of public works yard. ktvu channel 2 news obtained this surveillance video that shows a man in a stolen city truck slamming into city property and sending a supervisor running. the suspect managed to drive the stolen red truck through an open gate on to the lot. he then stole that crane truck. they are trying to figure out how he started the truck. >> we are still trying to determine whether there were keys in the truck or whether he hot wired it. >> the man is facing felony drug and vehicle theft to attempted murder. san francisco supervisors are called on to take action to
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help struggling homeowners. they are scheduled to take up a resolution on using eminent domain. hundreds of homeowners need help. homeowners say they plan to tell their stories to the board. a plan could be modeled on one richmond adependented. from now -- adopted. from now on the official term is spouse. same-sex couples have been getting married for one year now. [ audio difficulties ] san jose residents are scratching their heads after a woman swiped a campaign sign from a front yard. residents caught the whole thing on camera. the surveillance video shows
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the woman walking up and taking the sign. but it is not the petty theft that has so many talking, it is the fact she did while wearing those bright yellow pants. restaurant that burned will reopen again. ktvu's rob roth was there as the owner and head chef of manresa restaurant got a look at the damage. >> the owner and head chef of manresa restaurant toured his restaurant this afternoon. the same restaurant that received critical acclaim from around the world. he was out of turn and returned after receiving word of what happened. they spotted the fire at 4:00 a.m. this morning and called in. the fire station was close by. the blaze burned bright. >> they had a lot of plastic trays and all kinds of different things. storage containers. that is fuel for fire. >> reporter: the restaurant has been closed since july 3 for
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cleaning and was scheduled to reopen wednesday. they believe the fire started outside but aren't sure what caused it. ed. >> there is a lot of different causes for fires but right now we don't have an idea. manresa restaurant opened four -- >> manresa restaurant opened four years ago. dinners run $190 without wine. what made it unique? >> passion. quality. genuine. it is real food. and comes from his heart. >> rob roth reports authorities say the damage is in the $300,000 range and could be 4 4th months before they open again. the construction project to extend b.a.r.t. will take one year longer. this comes after a judge ruled in favor of the city to keep a
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road open during construction. that decision adds 10 months to the project. it may not open now till 2018. a major change to benefits for sheriff's deputies that has many considering leaving in a matter of days. >> the best of both words for baseball fans, live from the coliseum for game one of the bay bridge series.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? new at 6:00 p.m. law enforcement in two counties basissing for an exodus in senior deputies. ktvu's allie rasmus is live at the sheriff's station. explain the impact this could have?
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>> reporter: the sheriff's office losing 12 senior deputies in a week and they are not the only agencies dealing with this problem. >> i will miss everybody. >> reporter: he is saying good- bye. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the robot he used for a decade. after 25 years with the sheriff's department and on the bomb squad he is retiring because of a change in the pension. hundreds of workers used to be able to count unused vacation and sick leave, that policy ends friday. >> this is a benefit they have been paying for. >> reporter: the change mean as $1,000 monthly cut to pension unless he retires before the friday deadline. >> i am resigned to the fact nothing i could do about it. i have to do what i have to do. >> reporter: he is one of four
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leaving this week. >> it is causing us some loss in experience. >> reporter: the next academy doesn't graduation till october. so for now the road ahead mean azulener staff and more -- means a leaner staff and more over time spending. >> i need 12 over time shifts per month, per day, per year. >> reporter: the effects the contra costa county sheriff's office too. 11 deputies are retiring early because of it. they are of the 11 battalion chiefs retired because of the pension change. >> reporter: a bill signed two years ago is the reason why the changes are going into effect. we contacted the sponsor and the governor's office for comment no one got back to us.
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allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the california highway patrol called for a sig alert, a tree limpb fell on a car -- limb fell on a car before 10:00 a.m. this morning. the chp closed the ramp for an hour. the driver of the car was hit by the tree and hospitalized with head injuries. grandfather was sentenced today for a pitbull pitbull malling of his grand -- pitbull malling of his grandson. he was sentenced to two years probation plus a year in jail but he is free pending an appeal. he owned the pitbulls that killed his grandson in 2010. >> it will never really end for me. >> what do you mean? [ indiscernible ] >> she only two years old -- he is only two years old.
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something you never get over. >> the prosecutor tried to get him 10 years in prison. muggy day. take a look here. allie rasmus spotted rain while driving today. a few drops there. but we also heard of sprinkles in the berkeley hills earlier today. >> i got sprinkles in oakland as well. now our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> you got a little bit of showers. >> tiny bit. >> just enough to be enticing but it didn't measure around the bay area. temperatures today were effected by the cloud cover and the sprinkles that we saw. sprinkles say in the forecast through tonight and tomorrow morning. there is a chance for more of that. coming from the desert southwest. it happens. it is not typical but we do see it late summer, mid-and high
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level moisture. the thing we are missing out on is the thunderstorm. usually if it is deep enough will produce thunderstorms and we would be talking a different newscast if that was the case. we just got a few sprinkles and cooler highs. temperatures are going to trends their way down a few degrees. as we go into the week. right now in san francisco, it is 63 degrees. you see the fog hanging off shore. the fog makes a push inland every night. the high in san francisco 64 degrees for a day time high tomorrow. san jose 78 degrees tomorrow. temperatures for the most part tomorrow will be warmer around the bay. we start off cloudy. tomorrow morning, see the clouds? late in the day -- or morning. mid-morning. 12:00, clouds clear. fog stays at the close. the higher clouds, right, they
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don't have an issue getting hung up. along the coast, fog clings to it. fog the next few days along the coast. 90 vacaville. 77 vallejo. 88 pittsburg. upper 90s today in the far eastern valleys. cooler tomorrow. but around the bay temperatures come up because we will see more sunshine after lunchtime. today it was cloudy for a good part of the bay. that kept temperatures down. 77 in wood side. 75 mountain view. this pattern coming up is going to help the firefighters. fire danger is high this time of year. cooler pattern and the marine layer stretching out. moisture increase. humidity increases and temperatures trend down. not a lot but a little bit. seeing mid-80s into the bay area weekend. >> up and down pattern. thank you. more children are dying after being left in hot cars.
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san francisco state researchers looked at heat stroke deaths. they found 44 children died in hot cars in 2013 and so far there have already been 15 this year. they say efforts to increase parent awareness and reduce the number of deaths haven't worked. the death rate remained around 40 for the past 15 years. it is the first game of a four game bay bridge series. the first two in oakland. a live preview next in sports.
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back in yosemite national park. it was discover said wednesday under the deck of a home. the marmot was lured into the cage with cookie crumbs and returned yesterday. experts believe it arrived in san francisco on the hood of a car. joe is in for mark. >> something has to give. it is hard to recall a bay bridge series when both teams
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had more at stake. the a's and giants ipsfor the first of -- for the first of four tonight. brad mills has been designated for assignment to make room for jason hammel. fred inglis from the coliseum where i wouldn't think there would be too many empty seats tonight. >> this game is a sell out and a's big week continues here at the coliseum as they host their rival the giants for the first two games of the four game bay bridge series. the best team in baseball won 7 of the last 10 games. the giants lost 7 of their last 10 games. and the a's knewest pitcher jason -- newest pitcher jason hammel will make his a's debut wednesday in san francisco. the giants are coming off back to back ins in san diego and 1/2 game back of the dodgers
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and they expect to have fan support even here at the oakland coliseum. >> fun to watch. nut necessarily to see how the bay separates but see where the allegiances are. especially when we play at our ballpark. a's fans show up there. fun to see. quite the rivalry. i mean, i think it would be a good way to get the ball going as group against a team like this. pretty uplifting. >> they didn't get to where they have been on a fluke. they know what they are doing. we have to concentrate on what we need to do and take care of business because they are a team that can really put it on you if you are not careful. >> one of the six a's all
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stars. he has a 10-3 record. giants 6-2 in inner-league. best team in baseball, 7-1 in inner-league. back to you. >> always fun. we will have it at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. we are monitoring the protest in santa rosa after word a deputy will not be charged in the shooting death of a teenager. a live update on. >> laura: on tv 36 -- a live update on ktvu channel 2 news on tv 36. have a great evening everyone. good night.
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